The 2012 Katelyn M Joyce Memorial Golf Outing was a success!

We want to send out a sincere thank you to everyone who helped out, sponsored the event and donated time, money and prizes. A great time was had by all and best of all we were able to raise over $13,000 for Team Yes! I am a Katelyn Friend! to go towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Check out where all the donations to this great organization go here:  We hope to see you all again next year!

2012 Sponsors:

  • Joyce Farms Recycling, Inc.
  • HomeStar Bank
  • Country Financial
  • Harbour Construction Management
  • Cullen and Associates
  • The Riordan Family
  •  Smith Dawson & Andrews Inc.
  • Jodi K. Gill  CPA
  • Hinich Trucking, Inc
  • Jasiek Motor Rebuilding
  • Campus State Bank
  • Soon to be Jim & Mary Perkins
  • Waste Management
  • Kevin Miller
  • South Wilmington Sportsman Club
  • The Graham Family
  • Rich & Pat Howell
  • Dave & Cindy Wolf
  • PSI General Contractors
  • Joan Bullard Realty
  • Rt. 66 Tire and Service Center
  • Victory Lanes Bowling Center
  • Power Screen of Chicago
  • Miller Hydraulics
  • K.R.K. Plumbing and Heating
  • Dwight Trucking
  • The Medical Group of Kankakee
  • Jensen’s BP Dwight & Odell
  • Sizzle Tanning Oil
  • Ryan & Kelly Joyce Family
  • Wepprecht Drainage
  • Patrick & Madelyn O’Brien
  • Jake, Peter, Tiffany, Jessica, Matt, Sky &     Stephanie
  • Jessica Boback
  • Ted Keigher, HomeStar Insurance
  • Sniders Nursery
  • Rally Insurance Group
  • Wayne & Glenda Forneris
  • Holohan Heating & Sheet Metal
  • Casey & Dara Holohan Family
  • Willy’s Pub
  • Mussman Back Acres
  • Oosterhoff Ground Cover
  • United Meters Inc.
  • Scanlon Collision
  • Dibble Enterprizes Inc.
  • Heritage FS
  • Delong Ford, Dwight IL
  • The Giacometti Family
  • Karen, Darren & Anna Barker
  • Carol & Paul Jepsen
  • Don & Tami Babjak
  • Royal Green Landscape, Stuart FL
  • Patrick & Sheila Martin
  • Gail & Sue Joyce
  • Ogee Farms Essex, IL
  • MG2A
  • Old Log Cabin Restaurant, Pontiac, IL
  • Chuck Trainor Trucking, Dwight, IL
  • The Dvorak Family
  • Pontiac Recycling

2012 Golfers:

Patrick Joyce
Tom Cullen
Doug Steichen
Dave Dvorak
Jerry Krone
George Ursitti
Phil Kupiec
Clyde Dayhoff
Todd Gereaux
Mark Meents
Roger Patterson
Paul Seabert
Neal Seabert
Glen Seabert
Mark Seabert
Jim Perkins
Mary Perkins
Randy Battle
Becka Battle
Sheila Woodcock
Cathy Daniels
Kathy G
Stacey Woodin
Jill Patchett
Scot Banks
Brian Reed
Nate Woodin
Blain Wilkey
Megan Morris
Greg Fritz
Jerry Fritz
Kyle Fritz
Kurt Fritz
Rich Thompson
Darren Barker
Brent Strausand
Tom Galeaz
Mary Kay Obrien
Janey Dvorak
Melinda Hogan
Cheyl O’Brien
Randy Bissillion
Steve Scanlon
Corey Scanlon
Matt Scanlon
Ryan Joyce
Chris Wilke
Josh Wenzelman
Troy Turner
Don Babjak
Tim Szeplic
Andy Z
Ryan Christerson
Joan Bullard
Jim Nabors
Nancy Nabors
Fuzzy Fosdic
Brad Wepprecht
Braden Wepprecht
Jared Wepprecht
Caleb Wepprecht

Stephanie Hilpipre
Matt Plachy
Jessica Boback
John Furby
Al Galloway
Ray Brockman
Dan Bill
Dave Wolf
Sam Indicavitch
Rob Indicavitch
Nelson Gowler
Sarah Gowler
Dave O’Connor
Scott Styck
Jeff Bell
Gary Graham
Joe Call
Corey Henderson
Billy Hooker
Heidi Hooker
Lane Galloway
Kent Jensen
Dennis Dunlap
Todd Woods
Jay Bolatto
Jeff Hinich
Mike Fleischour
Bill Fleischour
Gregg Jensen
Brad Jensen
Kevin Jensen
Mike Woods Jr
Mike Rodowski
Ann Rodowski
Paul Ferrari
Missy Ferarri
Keith Mussman
Lori Mussman
Erik Koelling
Amanda Schroeder
Shane Holohan
Tiffany Holohan
John Novick
Andrea Novick
Casey Holohan
Cliff Schwab


Patrick Joyce
Collin Joyce
Rita Joyce
Jenni Wise
Emma Wise
Karen Barker
Anna Barker
Dara Holohan
Lori Cullen
Cliff Schwab
Ellen Schwab
Jessica Graham
Melissa O’Connor
Sam Indicavitch
Tracy Ten Eyck